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May 22, 2022

Revelation 21:23

In the final sermon for the series "Easter Revelations" we come to another major motif that ties together the main story of the Bible. God's GLORY is lost to people who have fallen in sin, but God finds ways for His glory to dwell with His people whether in tabernacle or temple. But the fullness of God's glory dwells in the person of Jesus Christ and when our Lord comes again, we will see that glory without any veils. 

On earth we need the light of the sun for warmth and energy and we need the light of the moon and stars for guidance in the dark. When God's glory spiritually shines on us it gives us spiritual energy and then with a lesser glory we can shine to guide those around us to warmth and light we know in the love of Jesus. God's glory leads us all to the place where we can dwell in His presence, forever. 

The worship video, below, begins with the sermon: 


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